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In sixteen years of writing this column and hearing countless claims of one manufacturer after another that their products would eradicate household fleas, this is the first I've found that lives up to its promise." FLEABUSTERS is the answer." RANNY GREEN, PET EDITOR, THE SEATTLE TIMES

"I think it's high time that all victims of flea infestations were informed of this one-step method of ridding the home of fleas." "ASK YOUR VET" by DR. ANN HUNTINGTON, NATIONALLY SYNDICATED COLUMNIST AND VETERINARIAN

"Carpeted areas tend to hold moisture and create an environment ideal for flea development. Indoor flea control may be accomplished by treating the environment with Sodium Polyborate (FLEABUSTERS, Rx for Fleas), a desiccant which creates an unfavorable environment for all the stages of the flea." DR. JAME O. NIXON DVM, DIPLOMAT ACVD, IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY in a speech to the CENTRAL VETERINARY CONFERENCE, KANSAS CITY MO.

"The advantage of the Rx for Fleas Plus Powder is its high efficacy without intoxication composition" "The house does not have to evacuated during application. The product is odorless and can be applied to discrete areas difficult to treat with conventional sprays and foggers." "It is ideal for homes with small children, cats and other sensitive pets." Rx for Fleas provides treatment with specific pest targeting and is the most effective method of treatment." Inert ingredients (Rx for Fleas Powder) are the ideal approach for infants and toddlers." Application must be made by the FLEABUSTERS operating company in your area. The preferred professional application for the inside environment is Rx for Fleas Plus Powder." "CURRENT VETERINARY DERMATOLOGY" Standard textbook and reference, Mosby Yearbook Publishers

FLEABUSTERS has been featured several times on KING, KOMO and KIRO news as well as by National Consumer Advocate, Herb Weisbaum, on the "CBS/KIRO Consumer Special." We talked with FLEABUSTER customers and to Veterinarians and they are very satisfied with the service" HERB WEISBAUM, CBS/KIRO

"If you need professional help FLEABUSTERS is the way to go." CONNIE THOMSON, CONSUMER REPORTER, KOMO NEWS 4, SEATTLE


"Veterinarians with clients desperate from fleas in their homes are recommending FLEABUSTERS Rx for Fleas, a year long method of flea control that is getting very high marks from users. Some veterinarians are so convinced of the methods effectiveness that they are buying franchises themselves." VETERINARY PRODUCT NEWS

Auburn University's School of Veterinary Medicine conducted long term testing and published 2 major papers on Rx for Fleas Plus/Sodium Polyborate and had 99.7 and 100% effectiveness with light and medium applications. "The minimal toxicity of Sodium Polyborate far exceeds that of many other insecticides, especially the organophosphates." "Its extremely low toxicity makes it an attractive alternative to other chemicals." PROFESSORS JOHN McDONALD, BYRON BLAGBURN, CHARLES HENDRIX College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

"Well, here it is exactly one year since I had my home treated with FLEABUSTERS, Rx for Fleas and my dogs and home are still flea free! That's quite a statement if you consider that I live in the heart of the south, on 8 acres of woods, with 4 long haired dogs. I have not had to take any other flea control measures during the entire test period?" LINDA MURDY, EDITOR, GOOD DOG CONSUMER REPORTS MAGAZINE



“On the inside, the remarkable efficacy of Sodium Polyborate must be underlined. It is very frequently used in North America. The longevity of this technique surpasses one year, even with frequent house cleaning (vacuuming). This method is very easy, extremely low in toxicity and moderate in cost.” “TREATMENT OF DERMATITUS TO FLEA BITE ALLERGIES” by DR. DIDIER N. CARLOTTI INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED BOARD CERTIFIED VETERINARY DERMATOLOGIST

“If you want to control fleas in the home environment, FLEABUSTERS is a service without peer. I’ve been recommending them to my patients for over 4 years now and nearly 100% of them are very, very happy. CRAIG GRIFFIN, AUTHOR, LECTURER, BOARD CERTIFIED VETERNINARY DERMATOLOGIST, Speech to American Veterinary Association National Convention

THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, INSECTS AFFECTING MAN AND ANIMALS LABORATORY published a major paper on “Evaluations of Pestex Rx (Soduim Polyborate, Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus) for the Control of Cat Fleas and had results of 98% reduction in adult emergence and a 93% reduction in the formation of pupal cocoons.” PRINCIPLE INVESTIGATORS Phillip G. Koehler, Professor of Entomology, University of Florida and Richard S. Patterson, Research Leader, USDA-ARS Insects Affecting Man and Animals Laboratory, Gainsville, Florida

“The ideal larvicide is long lasting and low in toxicity. Such as insect growth regulators, Sodium Polyborate like Rx for Fleas Plus, or to a lesser extent micro encapsulated insecticides are the ideal larvicides.” “Of course you know that Sodium Polyborate is guaranteed for one year in a carpeted home, the micro encapsulated products because of frequent vacuuming out need to be applied every 2 or 3 months.” “As far as we know, it is an extremely low toxic insecticide. It’s basically chemically inert, which is why it’s so easy to say things about the safety.” DR. CARROL FOIL, MS, DVM, DIPLOMAT, ACVD AND MEMBER AAVD, PROFESSOR DEPARTMENT OF CLINICAL SCIENCES, SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY

“While Flea control, both on the animal and in the environment, is still the hallmark of successful anti flea therapy, One MAJOR STRIDE forward is the availability of Sodium Polyborate as an environmental control. This substance is a desiccant rather than a pesticide. It is applied by a professional exterminator licensed by a concern called Rx for Fleas (FLEABUSTERS). DR. STEPHEN WHITE, DVM DIPLOMAT OF VETERINARY DERMATOLOGY, PROFESSOR, COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY

"Excellent reports of Rx For Fleas (Fleabusters), preceded my research involvement with Rx For Fleas Plus powder, but I was even more impressed after the controlled laboratory and habitat study results. Look alike competitors can't come close". John M. MacDonald, DVM, Associate Professor, Diplomate, American college of Veterinary Dermatology

"In my home, I have utilized Rx For Fleas for the last four years and have had excellet results. I would sincerely recommend and endorse this product as a superior and safe means of flea control." Wayne S. Rosenkrantz, DVM, Diplomate, American college of Veterinary Dermatology | Animal Dermatology Clinic Garden Grove, CA

"Editors Choice Award" "Best New Product of the Year." CAT FANCY MAGAZINE

Fleabusters received the "Environmental Excellence Award" from the prestigious environmental NPO BRIDGING THE GAP for its "Outstanding efforts to use and develop environmentaly sensitive pest control methods".  This award was recognized by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency.

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