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Please use the comment section below to give us available dates and times you would like your service rescheduled to.  Don't be shy, the more options we have the better chance of getting one that will work for you.  These appointment will usually be moved before the office opens and your appointment could be rescheduled without you even making a phone call if one of the days and times you specify is available.  
Would you prefer an email or phone call confirming your rescheduled appointment if a spot matching your request is found:
When rescheduling your appointment give more then 1 or 2 available times and dates.  Be specific with what you would like and don't be shy.  The more options you give the better chance you have of getting the one you want.  Put times and dates in order of your preference.  Once a match is found your appointment will be changed and you will be emailed or called or both depending upon your preferrence.