Fleabusters Quick Knockdown Service
Do I need the service?
The Fleabusters Quick Knockdown service was developed to assist in homes where the flea activity is causing unacceptable levels of discomfort or illnesses.  Although once treated with the Fleabusters powder all the eggs and larvae of the flea will be killed quickly, the pupae stage will continue to break out causing flea activity in the home for up to 6 weeks.  To combat this problem Fleabusters developed a low toxic method of reducing the flea populations quickly.  The chemicals used are the same as those found in many flea powders that are applied directly to the pet.  The specific chemical used would depend on several factors.  We take into account the members of the home, ages, health conditions or concerns, amount of activity, etc.  and under no circumstance would any chemical be placed in your home without your prior written consent.  This service is separate from our standard flea service and something you would request at the time of your appointment.  There is an additional charge for this service and you can pick specific rooms in the home to have this done.  Any of our technicians or customer service representatives will be happy to review your situation and develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific situation, needs and concerns.
While the question may seem straight forward the answer is more vague.  As with any decision cost plays a big part in what choice you might make.  Something to keep in mind is once our technician is at your home we can add on this service for minimal fees.  If you choose not to have this service it has no bearing on your guarantee, but if you decide you want to have it done later you will have to pay the minimum service fee which doesn't apply if we are already at the service location.  Our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have and will gladly assist you in deciding which areas might need to be done and if it is really necessary and beneficial. 
The Quick Knockdown service is exactly what the name implies.  It offers some fast relief from the constant biting of the fleas.  It isn't designed to last any specific amount of time.  Non-chemical methods are always preferred when possible, but with diseases and skin conditions that can be cause by fleas sometime the benefits of using a chemical does out weigh the risks.  Although there are many stronger chemicals that kill a wider variety of insects we have chosen to limit this service to be more flea specific.  It certainly will kill other pests too, but the method of application used is designed to limit exposure and keep your family and pets as safe as possible while still giving the relief needed.
With the majority of the homes we treat having young children and pets we specifically designed this service with these special needs in mind.  We stick with time tested and proven products.  We apply chemicals in ways the don't allow accident exposure to children or pets.  We use only chemicals that have been in use long enough to know the long term effects.  We feel this become especially important when children are involved.  Newer products may appear to work better, but like any new medication the long term effects won't be known until the product has been us use for many years.  We won't take that chance with your children or our own. 
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