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Vaccuming carpets?  You can vaccum carpets after 48 hours, and as often as you like thereafter.
What if pets bring fleas into the home?   The fleas that your pet carries into the home will remain on the pet until they are killed either by your pet's grooming itself or by the use of the on-the-pet products your pet professional has dispensed to you. The eggs that are laid by the female fleas will roll off into your carpets, and they and any larval forms present will be destroyed by our powder.
Have yard sprayed?   That is your option. But, it is impossible to control the outside. The home environment is protected with the one year, money-back guaranteed Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® Method. But please give us a call about our outdoor treatment.
How long does it take to apply Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® Plus powder?   An average home takes between one and two hours to treat, depending on the size of your home.
Must you leave the home during treatment?   In most applications, no one needs to evacuate the home. There are rare exceptions.
Guarantee?   Written one year money-back guarantee (Void only if your carpets are shampooed, cleaned or removed).
Treatment of pet?   Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® is for the home environment. You and your veterinarian should determine what is best for your pet.
How do fleas affect the well-being of your pet?   Fleas carry the intermediate form of tapeworm and can infect your pet. More importantly, many pets are highly allergic to flea bites and can develop a serious skin reaction and infection that requires veterinary care.
Will the powder harm our carpet?   No. The Fleabusters Rx For Fleas Plus powder is non-acidic, non corrosive and has a neutral pH balance and will not harm even the finest carpets or area rugs.
Yes. The Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® Plus powder is odorless and will deodorize your carpets.

How long before we see results?   Anywhere from two to five weeks, depending upon the degree of flea infestation in you home.
Price?   Price is based on the size and number of treatable areas in your home.

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Preparing your home for the Fleabusters Biobusters Nematode Treatment is one of the simplest services to prepare for.  The Biobusters service is completely NON-TOXIC.  We ask the pets be restrained so they don’t jump on or bite the technician while they perform the service, but once they are done the pet is free go back to safely roaming the yard.  The same is true for children.  There is no need to keep children out of the yard while the technician sprays or be concerned about letting them play on the grass while it is still wet.  The Biobusters Nematodes have no effect on people or pets and have been certified as NON-TOXIC by the EPA.  It is best if the yard has been recently watered.  An automatic timer that waters late at night or early morning will provide more than sufficient moisture for a successful service.  If not for an AM service water the yard the evening before, for a PM service water the yard that morning if possible.  The soil should be moist but not flooded.  If the ground is particularly dry watering several times a day for several days and shorter times will prove far more effective.

The intent of watering is to assist the nematodes in making a quick entry into the soil where they can begin looking for food.  Flea eggs, larva and pupa are all located in the soil area of the yard.  If the dirt below the grass is hard and solid the nematodes will have a difficult time gaining entry and will slow the process considerably.  The soil doesn’t need to be wet to the point of muddy, just simply damp.  During the winter and spring months this presents no issue at all, but during the heat of the summer we must maintain a stronger effort to give the nematodes the best chance possible for success. 

If you are unsure about the condition of your soil, point any finger directly towards the ground and press it into the grass.  If you finger passes through the grass and is able to enter the soil then you yard is sufficiently watered.  If you finger is unable to enter the soil due to it being solid and dry then watering would be the best option.  Yards that have automatic watering systems that are active and the grass is green are receiving plenty of water. 

Dirt areas seldom will support a flea infestation; however it has been known to happen.  If you believe this to be the case in your yard and want the Biobusters application on the dirt, the dirt area needs to be watered each day possible in advance of the appointment and immediately following the appointment.  The dirt must be kept moist and without the grass to assist in holding back the water dirt areas can require watering several times a day.  We suggest you discuss this situation with your technician when they arrive.  A poison on the dirt area may prove a more practical solution.  If a poison is chosen then water is not desired and that area should remain as dry as possible.  Although the Biobusters is always the preferred method of eliminating fleas due to its safety, there are some situations that may require poison.  Your technician would be the best source of information to discuss this option with.  They can advise you whether they believe the Biobusters would be able to handle the situation, or if something stronger is needed they can make that suggestion as well.  They can also provide safety information such as how long you pets would need to remain off the treated area if poison was used and what type of poison would be best for your particular situation and pets.

After the service follow the aftercare instructions and you will soon be enjoying your yard without the fleas.

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How Do I Prepare for the NON-TOXIC Biobusters Outdoor Treatment