LD50 Toxicity Chart
Why Only Fleas?
Product or Chemical
  Oral LD50(rat) Rating (mg/kg body wt.)
Arsenic   Less that 1
Lysergic Acid (LSD)   Less than 1
Aflatoxin   5
Red pigment for paint & ink   10
Iodine   14
Kerosene   28
Nicotine   50
Sodium nitrate (preservative)   85
Chiorodane (termiticide)   100
Demerol (drug)   162
Caffeine   192
Pyrethrin    200
Window cleaner (aq. ammonia)   350
Codeine (drug)   600
Valium (drug)   710
Borax (laundry detergent)   2,660
Ammonium sulfate (a general purpose food additive)   3,000
Table salt    3,000
Rx FOR FLEAS® PLUS (sodium polyborate)   3,479
Caraway Oil    3,500
Baking soda   4,220
Glycerine (used in soaps and various food products)    12,600
Monosodium glutamate (MSG)   17,000
Glucose (sugar)    25,800

Other factors that can effect the toxicity of any given product to an individual are:
age, sex, genetic differences, body temperature, nutritional status and pathological status. The laboratory procedures for establishing the toxicity ratings of products are designed in such a way to control these “other factors” that can cause variability in results. Therefore the above identified comparison represents an accurate comparison.

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