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Rabbits are proving to be excellent Flea Carriers in the South Orange and North San Diego County.  The last thing a homeowner wants to see is wild animals like coyotes strolling down their streets.  Unfortunately as the predatory animals are being forced out of residential areas the rabbits and squirrels are reproducing unchecked.  Both animals are known to carry large numbers of fleas, bringing infestations with them as they move in under your home.  Seagulls and Pigeons are also excellent carriers of fleas, mites and bed bugs.  We suggest using humane methods of discouraging birds from building nests around your home and removing any existing nest quickly.  Proactive actions are the best protection and solution.
Fleabusters understands that special bond between you and your dog or cat, and we know that one important way to maintain that bond is to keep your dog or cat free of the discomfort and menace of fleas with our Fleabusters/Rx for Fleas powder. It is a unique alternative to liquid pesticides and foggers. Our flea control powder cannot fail as it will kill fleas physically rather than chemically, thus fleas cannot build up an immunity to our flea treatment.  Treating your home with fleas once a year with Fleabusters Rx for Fleas will prevent fleas from being able to infest your dog or cat inside the home.

Fleabusters has served millions of homes across the United States for over 20 years, and we proudly stand by our "kills fleas for one-year" money-back guarantee.

The Rx for Fleas method is a unique, patented powder process that is only available from Rx for Fleas distributors.

Fleabuster Flea Treatment

A Fleabusters trained technician will get rid of fleas in your house by applying an environmentally-friendly, now liquified powder to your carpets, area rugs, upholstered furniture, baseboards of hardwood floors, cracks, crevices and anyplace else fleas can infest your home or office.  Our technicians use special application equipment to apply our product to your home, assuring you the finest most effective application possible.  The new liquified powder used exclusively by Fleabusters of California provides  the same great results and safety your've come to expect from Fleabusters without any of the mess. 

Our product, called Rx for Fleas, is actually less toxic than table salt.  More importantly, Rx for Fleas plus does not control fleas chemically, but instead works as a physical dessicant to dehydrate the fleas life cycle and create an environment where fleas can no longer live or breed in your home.  The powder has adhesive qualities, which, after being applied to your home, allow the product to resist being removed by a vacuum cleaner.  A microscopic layer of Rx for Fleas will remain at the base of your rugs to provide a preventative layer of protection against future flea infestations.  This adhesive property of the Fleabusters flea treatment is what enables our company to offer the One Year, Money-Back Guarantee for which Fleabusters has become known among dog and cat owners. 

The Fleabusters flea treatment is the most comprehensive among exterminators in the pest control business.  Typical flea treatments using flea sprays or flea bombs only cover open and/or traffic areas.   Your Fleabusters technician will carefully move furnishings such as sofas and chairs, and will use specilaized equipment to treat underneath heavy items such as beds and dressers. 

The typical professional Fleabusters application involving a house with wall-to-wall carpeting takes approximately one hour, with some larger homes requiring longer.

Please take a few more minutes of time to read the rest of our website. Information on the flea's life cycle, other methods of getting rid of fleas, do-it-yourself products, and common Q&A's will follow.

The environmentally-friendly professional flea treatment that works like a
  scotch-guard to stop and prevent future flea infestations.
Keep the most important things in life safe.  Fleabusters specializes in eliminating the problem while protecting the ones we love most!
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