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Vaccuming carpets?  You can vaccum carpets after 48 hours, and as often as you like thereafter.
What if pets bring fleas into the home?   The fleas that your pet carries into the home will remain on the pet until they are killed either by your pet's grooming itself or by the use of the on-the-pet products your pet professional has dispensed to you. The eggs that are laid by the female fleas will roll off into your carpets, and they and any larval forms present will be destroyed by our powder.
Have yard sprayed?   That is your option. But, it is impossible to control the outside. The home environment is protected with the one year, money-back guaranteed Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® Method. But please give us a call about our outdoor treatment.
How long does it take to apply Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® Plus powder?   An average home takes between one and two hours to treat, depending on the size of your home.
Must you leave the home during treatment?   In most applications, no one needs to evacuate the home. There are rare exceptions.
Guarantee?   Written one year money-back guarantee (Void only if your carpets are shampooed, cleaned or removed).
Treatment of pet?   Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® is for the home environment. You and your veterinarian should determine what is best for your pet.
How do fleas affect the well-being of your pet?   Fleas carry the intermediate form of tapeworm and can infect your pet. More importantly, many pets are highly allergic to flea bites and can develop a serious skin reaction and infection that requires veterinary care.
Will the powder harm our carpet?   No. The Fleabusters Rx For Fleas Plus powder is non-acidic, non corrosive and has a neutral pH balance and will not harm even the finest carpets or area rugs.
Yes. The Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® Plus powder is odorless and will deodorize your carpets.

How long before we see results?   Anywhere from two to five weeks, depending upon the degree of flea infestation in you home.
Price?   Price is based on the size and number of treatable areas in your home.

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Clear all loose items from carpeting, clothes, shoes, books, toys, etc..  In hardwood rooms please clear any loose items from the baseboards and area rugs.

Treating the carpets can be dusty. In bedrooms it is a good idea to place loose items on bed and cover entire bed with sheet.  You can also place any difficult to dust items under the sheet too.

Cover all computer equipment and any other dust sensitive electronics that are in rooms with wall to wall carpet or area rugs. You may also want to cover or put away any difficult to dust items.

If you have birds, reptiles, or rodent type pets (hamster, rat, guinea pig etc.), move them to a room that will not be treated as the dust can bother their tiny respiratory systems.

Cover any fish tanks and turn off pump during application

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How to Prepare the Inside of the Home for the Fleabusters Inside Treatment

Wait approximately 24 hours before vacuuming any carpeting. 

Change the bag in your vacuum or empty the canister and rinse the filters after first vacuuming.  Vacuum as normal after that.

Hardwood floors can be swept and/or damp mopped right away.  Please don’t vacuum baseboards for at least 6 weeks

It can take up to 6 weeks for the fleas to be completely gone.  They go into a pupae (cocoon) stage that can not be penetrated.  So we have to wait for them to hatch out and dehydrate.  The eggs and larvae will dehydrate immediately.  It takes approximately 4 to 10 days to dehydrate the adult fleas.  As new pupae hatch out they will also dehydrate. They can still bite during this time.   

Please call our office with any questions at 1-800-765-3532

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