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Fleabusters is a registered Branch 2 structural pest control company.  We are licensed by the state and monitored by the department of agriculture for strict law and safety compliance.  We believe this to be an important means of providing a protection to the client who is having their home treated, the employee handling the chemicals and we thank the men and women of the Department of Agriculture for their assistance in keeping everyone safe. 
Advantage, Frontline along with all other poison topicals applied directly to the skin of the pet are becoming less effective.  This means they are having to applied more often further increasing the risk to the pet.  Pest Control Companies are supposed to rotate chemicals to prevent this type of immunity, however many have not. We now have fleas that have become very chemical resistant and with California EPA banning more of the stronger chemicals we are seeing greater failure rates for most companies when dealing with fleas. By dehydrating the flea we don't have this issue, but be aware.  When ever chemicals are used on or near a family member we have to ask, does the benefits out weigh the risks?
Because chemicals come with inherent risks we will never violate the safety codes regardless of what a person is willing to pay.  This also means we  will only permit licensed employees who have received additional training in the safe use and method of control to perform General Pest. 
When performing General Pest services we will always use the safest method available to us, take every precaution to keep our employees safe and provide the client with the best service possible.  We only perform general pest services in specific areas where we have qualified personnel to safely complete the job.  We are continuously expanding our General Pest services and eventually will offer this service through out the state.  For now feel free to contact us and inquire if we are providing the type of service you desire in the area your home is located.  In keeping with the Fleabusters tradition we always use the least toxic methods to control the target pest and when possible will offer non-chemical solutions to your pest problems.  Thank you for thinking of Fleabusters for your general pest needs.
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When it comes to chemicals, sometimes there isn't a second chance.  Protect you loved ones and use chemicals sparingly and correctly.  Whether you purchase it at your local store or have a professional spray your home, demand to know exactly what chemicals were used, how long you need to be gone what type of actions you need to take upon returning home to protect you family and pets.  Pest control companies are required to provide you a list of chemicals used on the work order.  Whether it be Fleabusters or a different company, always be sure you have that information.  You never want to say, "I wish I would have listened".  If a medical emergency was to present itself after a treatment it can be vitally important for a doctor to rule out or confirm the chemicals as a cause.  Whether ruled out or the cause treatment can begin much faster improving your chance for a complete recovery by simply having this information.