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OK Kids we really need your help!  We have these really cool prizes but no one to give them too!
We want this page to be fun for kids, but also safe.  Parent contact information will be used exclusively for the purpose of verifying permission of posting and will not be used for any marketing, sold or in anyway distributed.  This page is strictly for kids fun and has nothing to do with marketing or sales.
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Help us come up with a cool contest, or email us a picture of you and/or your pet (with your parents permission) and we will put it on here.  Tell us a funny story about your pet or anything you want.
We really need your help, we want fun ideas for all age groups.  So send in your ideas, the more the better.  Send them to or email us requesting an address to send your ideas or pictures.  Remember we must have contact information for parents to post your pictures.  We must have a parents permission before we can put your picture on the Internet.  Internet safety is very important!  Talk to your parents about anything you see or anyplace you go on the Internet.  Most important never meet or give anyone your address, phone number or any other information without your parents knowing first.   
About Company
Do you like to have company come over?  Did something funny happen when they did?  Tell us about it and you may find it posted here.
Who Can Play Here?
All kids are welcom to play here.  You don't have to live in California to play here, you just have to want to have fun!
What are the Rules?
The only rules are that we have kids of all ages playing here.  All jokes, pictures and stories must be appropriate for all age groups.
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My son wrestling a bear that is at least twice his size.  Got something funny, cute, real pets, stuffed pets, everyone can enter here.
Can you find a spelling or grammar mistake?  Tell me where it is and get entered into a contest to win a prize.
Lets all thank Dalton in Texas who is the first one to give us some great pictures  and ideas.  His family thought these would make a funny story so here they are.  Do you have any pictures of you being funny or maybe you and your pet?  Does your pet look like you or maybe your dad???  If so send in.  We are going to have a contest to see if we can find people who look like their pets.  We will put the pictures up and then after they are all in you get to vote on the winner.  Keep watching but start sending in pictures now.  Soon we will tell you when the voting will start so get ready to laugh and pick your winner.
Dalton says he's always happy because he is very strong!
Sometimes his sister Abby will make him feel like he is just disappearing. ( Dalton buried in the snow)  But then he remembers that...
He can always bounce back and have fun again.  His family says Dalton is very funny and smart.  Dalton is very helpful around the house, likes to watch cartoons and play with his friends.  His Grandpa says you have to watch out for Dalton because he is a joker and will play a joke on you if he gets the chance.    Thanks for letting us use your pictures Dalton.  We hope you continue to have lots of fun and after looking at your pictures and learning about you we can see why your family loves you so much.