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Vaccuming carpets?  You can vaccum carpets after 48 hours, and as often as you like thereafter.
What if pets bring fleas into the home?   The fleas that your pet carries into the home will remain on the pet until they are killed either by your pet's grooming itself or by the use of the on-the-pet products your pet professional has dispensed to you. The eggs that are laid by the female fleas will roll off into your carpets, and they and any larval forms present will be destroyed by our powder.
Have yard sprayed?   That is your option. But, it is impossible to control the outside. The home environment is protected with the one year, money-back guaranteed Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® Method. But please give us a call about our outdoor treatment.
How long does it take to apply Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® Plus powder?   An average home takes between one and two hours to treat, depending on the size of your home.
Must you leave the home during treatment?   In most applications, no one needs to evacuate the home. There are rare exceptions.
Guarantee?   Written one year money-back guarantee (Void only if your carpets are shampooed, cleaned or removed).
Treatment of pet?   Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® is for the home environment. You and your veterinarian should determine what is best for your pet.
How do fleas affect the well-being of your pet?   Fleas carry the intermediate form of tapeworm and can infect your pet. More importantly, many pets are highly allergic to flea bites and can develop a serious skin reaction and infection that requires veterinary care.
Will the powder harm our carpet?   No. The Fleabusters Rx For Fleas Plus powder is non-acidic, non corrosive and has a neutral pH balance and will not harm even the finest carpets or area rugs.
Yes. The Fleabusters® Rx For Fleas® Plus powder is odorless and will deodorize your carpets.

How long before we see results?   Anywhere from two to five weeks, depending upon the degree of flea infestation in you home.
Price?   Price is based on the size and number of treatable areas in your home.

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What to Expect after my Treatment - Inside on Top - Outside Below - Control Ideas on Bottom
Dear Valued Client,

Your yard has now been treated with the Fleabusters Biobusters NON-TOXIC Outside service.  You are now on your way to a flea free yard.  Biobusters Nematodes are microscopic worms created by nature as a natural enemy to the flea.  As cities grew the food supply for this type of Nematode became scarce leaving the opportunity for fleas and other undesired insects to take over.  By growing this specific type of nematode and introducing them into flea infested areas in large numbers we can effectively eliminate the fleas safely around your home.  The nematodes will quickly multiply and eliminate the fleas around your home.  Once this occurs they again exhaust the food supply and will soon die off too.  Once the nematodes are gone the yard no longer has protection and any introduction of fleas into the yard can create an infestation.  Fleas are often introduced into yards by a cat with fleas walking on a fence line, rodent, squirrels, pets and even people who unknowingly will walk into the yard with fleas on their clothing.  Fleas have incredible senses that allow them to detect warm blooded mammals from long distances.  They are able to jump up 3 to 7 feet at a time allowing them to cover great distances and land on their desired meal.  In California fleas can live just about everywhere and no yard is safe.  A simple walk by your neighbor’s yard could quickly lead to fleas infesting your yard or home.  Once the yard becomes infested the home usually follows quickly.  Infestations inside the home can be harder to spot and tend to go undetected giving them time to grow substantially before they are noticed.  If you home is protected by Fleabusters Inside Treatment then you have nothing to worry about.  If not and you have or had fleas in your yard watch the inside carefully.  The sooner an infestation is caught the easier it is to eliminate.  If you have any additional questions feel free to ask your technician or call our office @ 1-800-765-3532.

Dear Valued Client,

Once your home has been treated with the Fleabusters, Rx for Fleas process, you are on your way to a flea free home.  Please review the information below.  If you have any additional questions feel free to ask your technician or call our office @ 1-800-765-3532.

With the process now complete, it can take up to 6 weeks to fully rid your home of fleas, depending upon the degree of infestation. Although the eggs and larvae are being killed immediately, the pupae stage can continue to release adult fleas into the environment during this time.

Wait 24 hours before you vacuum your carpeted areas. You can wait longer with no adverse or beneficial effects. We suggest that after the initial vacuuming you should change the bag in your vacuum and rinse any filters. Or if it is a bag less vacuum, empty the canister and rinse the filters. After the initial bag change you should change your bags as normal. When vacuuming it is only necessary to vacuum the open areas of your home, you do not need to vacuum under furniture. We suggest you increase your vacuuming in areas of the home where the flea activity is still present. The vibration from the vacuum will draw the fleas out of the pupae stage and reduce the amount of activity inside the home.

Hardwood / Tile / Linoleum floors can be vacuumed or damp mopped immediately following the treatment. Floor cleaning machines may be used, but the initial cleaning should be done with ONLY WATER instead of the normal cleaning products. It is advised that you use ONLY WATER during the initial mopping. Some cleaning products can cause streaks on the floor making it harder to clean. You can also damp mop your baseboards with water or vacuum them. Avoid using the extension crevice tools on the baseboards.
Thank you for your confidence in Fleabusters. By following the simple instructions above your home will soon be flea free. By having the service done each year you will never have fleas in your home again, GUARANTEED!

Fleabusters now offers an outside yard service. The outside spray is completely NON-TOXIC. Have the outside done monthly and your yard will never have fleas. We also offer a 6 week program, an 8 week program, and on request service as well. You get the most for your money when you sign up for a monthly yard service. Call today to get a free price quote and additional information.

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7239 Mountainside Drive Citrus Heights, Ca. 95621 - Phone (800) 235-3532 Fax (866) 558-9156
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Safe, Simple, Honest solutions to your flea control needs-Guaranteed!

With the application now complete the Nematodes specifically grown for Fleabusters are busy at work seeking out and killing the fleas in your yard.  The Nematodes grown specifically for Fleabusters are busy attacking undesired insects in the yard.  This type of nematode has no effect on trees, shrubs or gardens.  They will not harm Lady Bugs, Bees, Earthworms or any of the other beneficial insects found in our yards all working to keep our plants healthy and disease free. 

Biobusters Nematodes attack and kill all types of fleas.  The nematodes effectively kill all four stages of the flea making it the most effective method of flea elimination anywhere.  They will seek out the fleas and begin killing them immediately.  Results are typically visible 2 to 7 days following an application, depending upon the degree of the infestation.  Keeping the ground moist will help the nematodes when they burrow into the soil looking for fleas.  During the summer months a standard yard should be watered 3 to 4 times a week depending on the weather and the thickness of your particular yard.  The desired effect is to prevent the ground from becoming completely dry which would slow the process of the nematodes.  Watering cycles can be adjusted during the winter, spring and fall depending upon rain, temperature and type of soil.  The simplest test is if you can push your finger down into grass and easily penetrate the soil then it is sufficiently moist.  If the soil is dry and cracking then an increase in watering would be called for.

The nematodes will typically keep the yard free of fleas for 4 to 8 weeks.  To keep the yard flea free it should be sprayed on a monthly basis.  Yards sprayed on a year around monthly basis are guaranteed to remain flea free, see your guarantee or ask your customer service representative for details.  Services can also be established for 6 week intervals, 8 week intervals or on request depending on which option is best for your situation and budget. 

Avoid using toxic chemicals in the yard for 72 hours prior to or following a Biobusters application.  Normal yard care or products for grass will have no effect and can be used without regard when the nematodes were applied.   If a toxic product must be used within the 72 hour window contact our office using either the website contact page or by telephone (800) 765-3532 to see if your specific product will cause any issues and how we can best manage your situation.

Remember the Nematodes are NON-TOXIC and harmless to children and pets!  Nematodes are one of the only items the EPA classifies as NON-TOXIC so there is never a danger to your children or your pets.  Whether your pet is healthy or very ill, young or old these nematodes present absolutely no risk to any member of your family, only the fleas bothering them.

Thank you for your confidence in Fleabusters.  By following the simple instructions above your yard will soon be flea free.  By having the service done each month you will never have fleas in your yard again, GUARANTEED!

Fleabusters also offers one of the safest, most effective inside services.  Fleabusters has been safely treating the inside of homes for over 40 years.  The inside service is a 1 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  The most effective method to eliminate fleas is to have Fleabusters treat the inside of your home as a preventive measure.  This will guarantee you will never get fleas inside and keep your family safe and comfortable.   Remember, Fleas are not just irritating to our pets, but can also carry diseases causing serious illnesses such as Typhus in people.  Fleas can cause large vet bills due to flea dermatitis, flea anemia and many other illnesses faced by pet owners each year.  When it comes to fleas, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure!  Of course the right cure becomes critical here.  With the topical products (Frontline, Advantage, Generics, Etc.)  showing ever higher failure rates causing pet owners to increase dosages and risks, fleas developing immunities to the ever increasing use of pesticides, only one company remains as effective today as it did 40 years ago, Fleabusters!  The Fleabusters process dehydrates the fleas.  Just as it is impossible for us to become immune to the effects of dehydration, the same can be said about fleas.  Don’t wait until after you have spent hundreds…maybe even thousands of dollars on products and services that don’t work trying to get rid of your fleas.  Contact Fleabusters today.  The Information is free!  The Quote is Free!  Even the phone call is Free!  The biggest difference, we guarantee results or your money back!

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7239 Mountainside Drive Citrus Heights, Ca. 95621 - Phone (800) 235-3532 Fax (866) 558-9156

Dear Client,

Whether you have just had your inside treated or your outside, living with fleas can be relentless.  Whether you are waiting for a couple of weeks, a couple of days or even a couple of hours if the fleas are biting it can seem like an eternity.  If your children are getting bit this can make it even worse.  Over the past 20 plus years I have been with Fleabusters I have heard and seen some of the most interesting methods of controlling fleas you can imagine.  With the help of our Clients, Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Holistic and Medical Doctors we have assembled a list of some of the ideas we have received for controlling flea bites while you are waiting for the fleas to be gone.  See below to view these ideas or if you have a home remedy we would love to know what it is.  Use the contact page or send it to Fleabusters@aol.com.


First a quick note to all those who have suffered with fleas and put their faith in Fleabusters to irradiate the problem.  Thank you for taking the time to send in your suggestions.  We really appreciate you believing in Fleabusters!  We won't let you down.   Without you we wouldn't be here and then only the fleas would win.
For Women take Vitamin B1.  It seems that Doctors believe that women who lack Vitamin B1 are more likely to be bitten by fleas or certainly have a worse reaction.  So if the females in the home are getting bit, here is one possibility.
Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum.  Although you can't eliminate an infestation by vacuuming, we do know the fleas commonly mistake a vacuum for a host.  The flea will jump at the vacuum, fall to the floor and be sucked up.  Every flea sucked up is gone and can't bite people or pets.  No need to change the bag or place anything inside the bag or bagless canisters.  Once a flea is sucked inside the vacuum they will either die or just stay inside the dirt storage until it is emptied.  On that note if you have a bag you should remove it outside and immediately role it down so the hole is closed.  A bagless should be emptied directly into the outside garbage can as close as possible to when it will be picked up and emptied.  Remember those fleas you vacuumed up will try and get you if given a chance so handle the bag or canister with care, like the enemy is in them.
Any type of insect repellent will help.  We prefer the deet free whenever possible.  Because everyone can have different chemistry you may have to try many before you find one that works.  There are many on the market but they can be expensive.  Clients have also reported back that sunscreen helps repel the fleas.  Again the chemistry is a factor.  We suggest you try everyone you have, then start borrowing from everyone you can until you find one that works for the person getting bit.  Then you only need to purchase the one you know will work for you.  Friends, co-workers, other family members, neighbors, kids friends, it is amazing all the places we found were we were able to borrow different kinds.  You only need to borrow it long enough to see if it works for you.  This does work and is a cost effective way of trying many different kinds and strengths.
The electric bug repellers that you plug in and they are supposed emit a high pulse and chase away all the insects and rodents---don't work!  We have heard back from several who have tried them and as of now I have found a single person who said they have worked, so save you money and don't buy one of those.
Although we know fleas can't complete their life cycle in a bed, I do understand that feeling like they must be there anyway.  If you have a pet that sleeps on the bed with you a shaking off of the bedspread every couple days will kill any eggs that might be on it.  If you really feel like you just must be sure take the item you need to be sure about and place it in the dryer for 10 minutes.  It isn't necessary to wash and dry an item to kill any fleas in it.  The heat of the dryer works just fine and after 10 minutes going around on high any fleas that might have been there are very dead.  This will not only save your bedding and clothes from excessive washing, it will save a lot of money in unnecessary electric and water bills.  Also when washing fleas die just as fast in cold water as they do hot, so don't wash items in hot for the fleas.  If you do your just spending money you don't need to spend.  Dryers also work good for stuffed animals which can't be infested but can get fleas on them.
Fleas are attracted to white so if your the one getting bit, try and avoid wearing white as much as possible. 
Large homes, health issues or just trying to work full time and raise children can really be time restrained.  If we can focus the vacuuming where the fleas are it will save a lot of time and still get them under control.  Put on a pair of white socks, hopefully the higher ones to give you some leg protection.  Begin to vacuum the room.  Whether it is carpets or hardwood between the vacuum, your body heat and the white socks the fleas will be jumping at you.  Check the socks after each room or more often if it is a larger room.  You will pick up fleas on the socks.  Being white it makes them easy to see and if you have some scotch tape handy you can place a piece across the flea on the sock and easily remove it and keep it from getting away at the same time.  When you are done you will have a good idea as to where the fleas are so you can focus you vacuuming efforts.   
There are many varying opinions regarding the products that are put on the pet to treat fleas.  In most cases this will need to be personal decision.  If the pet is suffering you may not have a choice, but if you have children in the home or someone who is allergic to fleas you need to know this.  All those products regardless where you get them have 1 thing in common, they repel fleas.  If your pet has a product that repels fleas then your child is the one who will most likely be getting bit.  The pets are better equipped to deal with flea bites.  Most people aren't aware that when those products make the pet less desirable that makes someone in the home more desirable and it is usually the children or the women so be sure you use those products with caution.  The fleas will find away to eat either way, the only question is who will they bite and how many times.
If you have someone in the home who is really itching from the flea bites, you can try Caladryl.  This is the same product that is used for chicken pox.  By keeping it in the refrigerator it will be cold.  By applying it cold with a cotton ball the Caladryl will help to control the reaction causing the itch and the cold will make it feel better much quicker.  We were told this works well for kids or adults.  Our intent is only to make you aware of this product.  Making you aware of it is not an endorsement or advice on this or any medicine.  Contact your Doctor for specific information on this or any other product you decide to try.  Fleabusters is a flea specialist and not a health care specialist.  Caladryl is an Over the Counter Product.       Caladryl Info
It is very possible to have fleas and no pets.  We have seen a 35% increase in homes that have no pets but have flea infestations.  To be sure you only need to catch a flea.  A flea has a very hard shell and will not squish easily between your fingers.  You will need to use a finger nail and actually crack the shell of the flea with it.  There is no stage of the flea that would be on you that is anything but hard shelled, so any insect that is easy to squish is not a flea.
A question was asked by someone who saw small fleas and larger fleas, wanting to know if those were baby fleas.  The answer is no.  When a flea hatches from it's pupae (cocoon) it comes out full grown.  The difference in size is attributed to different types of fleas.  There are many different types of fleas, but here in California we deal mostly with the cat flea and the dog flea.  Each flea was named by it food preference and not by the only type of animal it will go after.  The smaller flea seemed to have a slight preference for a cat so it was called the cat flea and the same for the larger flea and the dog.  However either flea will do well on either host as well as a rabbit, squirrel, rodents and of course us.  There is a human flea although we don't see this too often.  There is no such flea as the "Sand Flea".  The sand flea is actually a dog or cat flea that just happens to live in the sand.  There are sand fleas in other parts of the world, but not here in California. 
As you see we have plenty of space for more ideas.  Ideas come from Technicians, Clients, Experts, anyone who has dealt with fleas.  Fleas are a terrible thing to face alone so know your not alone, instead there are lots just like you  Now you also have an ally in the war against fleas. 

As much as I dislike fleas getting into my vehicle, office and home, I do have to like them because they do help feed my family along with the families of our technicians.  Money spent with this Fleabusters stays in California, employing Californian's, providing benefits for our employees who are really an extension of our family.  All of our employees have been with us 10  plus years.  During this time we have become intermixed into more of a family unit.  When someone celebrates a new birth into their family, we all celebrate that birth.  When tragedy strikes one of us, it effects us all.  We all come together in those times of need and as a group of families we become a single family with a single goal.  Together we have accomplished far more then we ever could have apart.  For us Family is everything and although we are different races and blood, I consider each and every one of the people here as much a part of my family as I consider my arm a part of my body.  I suppose I could learn to work without my arm, but I would never want to have to.  By that same token I would never want to work without this wonderful group of people who always given me their full support and they always have mine. 

We help them, they help us and together we provide the best services possible.  We have some of the best people to ever be part of Fleabusters.  We are proud to call them employees, friends, and family.