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Why would I want to see the actual guarantee?

A very good question with a simple answer.  In a world strong with promises and short on delivery we want to stand out in a positive way.  We place our guarantee here for you to review prior to having the service done or feeling pressured to read it with someone standing waiting for a signature to start work.  We want you to feel confident in the service we are about to provide you and understand exactly what the guarantee is protecting you from.  Having the time to read it we believe will give you additional confidence in the Fleabusters service and avoid any misunderstandings that could happen in the future.  A strong positive communication will only strengthen the bond between you and our company. 
A company willing to place it's promises in writing and put them on the here for everyone to see.  Although this may not make the National News, for residents of California this is a step in a positive direction of corporate responsibility.  Although this website is specifically designed for and applies only to Fleabusters of California, it is our hope that others might be so bold and place their promises in print for everyone to see too.
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Why would I want to see the actual work order?

A very good question with a simple answer.  On the work order there are two places for the client to sign.  We want you to sign each line with complete confidence of what you are signing.  To do this we are placing an actual copy of the work order so you can have time to read, review and be sure of exactly what you are signing.  It is very much in line with why we put the guarantee on line too.  We believe an educated client who has the option to read and review everything prior to the service being done, not under the pressure of having someone waiting to start work, will only strengthen the bond between the client and our company.  You can confidently sign each line knowing exactly what you are signing.  This gives our clients a greater confidence in our service and us a company.  As a company we expect full disclosure of any contract we are entering into.  As in individual I expect the opportunity to review all contracts at my leisure before being asked to sign them.  As both a company and individuals we hold ourselves to the same standards and expectations we have for others, offering all paperwork for our clients preview.
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We have dedicated many pages of fun just for the kids.  Send us pictures of them with their pets or just the pets doing something fun. Being a Fleabusters client is not required and has no bearing on prizes offered.  Have your kids check out our fun and games page today. 
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