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What Makes Fleabusters of California Special?

Fleabusters of California specializes in using the least toxic and nontoxic natural products to eliminate the flea infestation attacking your family and pets.  Fleas can be difficult to control, however we are so confident in our service we offer a 1 year written money back guarantee.  Fleabusters of California is a family owned and operated company with a unique outlook on what responsibility a business should have to it's employees and clients.  Fleabusters of California is the only company licensed to obtain and apply the Fleabusters Powder, assuring your safety and effectiveness.  This puts a special demand on us as a company to strive for and achieve only the finest services possible.  As a company we are only as good as our employees, for without them we have nothing.  We always place the safety of our employees above everything else, but we also feel an obligation to go further.  As an employee you become part of our family.  While most companies when looking for places to reduce costs immediately go for the employees, we don't.  We still offer health plans, sick time, pay a livable wage and strive to keep our employees happy and healthy.  We feel very strongly that an employee who is happy, healthy and appreciated will strive to do a better job for the employer and the client.  Most of our employees have young families.  A child's soccer game or watching a child perform in the band is a very important part of each family's life.  We work with our employees, allowing them the option of requesting changes in work days or hours to attend these events whenever possible.  We strive hard to be a responsible corporate citizen by going paperless as much as possible, using smaller more fuel efficient vehicles, keeping them in top running condition to reduce smog emissions and live by the simple idea if we offer the best service possible at a fair price, then everyone wins.  As a local based company we can better specialize on how fleas are directly impacting Californian's and react accordingly.  We provide more specific information for how fleas are effecting your community and what medical conditions are currently being reported as a result of fleas.  All of this combined is what makes Fleabusters of California special.

Flea Identification and information:

Fleas are external parasites that live by feeding on blood from mammals and birds. Adult fleas are very small insects (about 1/16” to 1/8” long), dark reddish-brown and wingless. They are compressed from side to side allowing easy movement through the fur, hair or feathers of their host. They have three pairs of legs, and their longer back legs make them excellent jumpers. Fleas can jump thirteen feet horizontally and seven feet vertically......
Why Choose Fleabusters?

Fleabusters has been on the forefront of understanding fleas and their habits for over 30 years.  During this time Fleabusters has enlisted the assistance of several prominent universities, sponsored studies, worked with countless experts all to find the safest most effective method of eliminating disease carrying fleas.  The secret to the safety and success of Fleabusters lies in it's patented powder and application process which is only available through licensed Fleabusters locations located throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Can Fleabusters Really Help Me?

Yes, Fleabusters can definitely help you.  With our Years of education and experience we have developed a service for every conceivable situation.  We are so confident in our ability to eradicate your fleas that we offer a one of a kind, Written 1 Year Money Back Guarantee.  The Guarantee is on all work orders and here on our website....
Fleabusters is an environmentally friendly company finding the least toxic or non-toxic methods of eliminating fleas from your home and yard.  Flea infestations can be very difficult to control and at time appear impossible to get rid of.  That is where Fleabusters comes to your rescue.  At Fleabusters we have made it our speciality to find the safest, most effective method and convenient methods of eliminating fleas without harming people or pets.  We are so confident or our ability to make this happen that we even offer a money back guarantee.  The call is free,  the quote is free, so all you have to lose by calling is the fleas.
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